1. The Association shall be called the Association of Emergency Care Training Providers     Incorporated("AECTP").

2. The Registered Office of the AECTP will be situated at such place as the Board shall decide from time to time.

3. The AECTP will consist of a group of Emergency Care Training Providers administered by a national executive known as the Board.

4. The AECTP shall represent the interests of the organisations and individuals that constitute its members, and shall provide an opportunity for other individual persons to also participate in its activities.

5. The objects of the AECTP shall be:

     (a) To represent member organisations.

     (b) To act as the recognised industry representative body.

     (c) To act as a conduit to key stakeholders where appropriate.

     (d) To be recognised as a "Peak Body" by NZQA.

     (e) To add credibility to member organisations.

     (f) To support and assist in the development of industry standards.

     (g) To provide networking and support opportunities to members.

     (h) To keep members up to date with current industry standards and developments.

     (i) To provide recognised professional development through industry conferences and forums.

     (j) To facilitate ideas and motivation.

     (k) To respect the independence of individual member organisations.

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Association of Emergency Care Training Providers Supporters

We are grateful to all those who have worked with us and helped AECTP during the past decade establish itself as the voice and Peak Body for the First Aid Industry. Thank you.