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Becoming a member of the first aid industries Peak Body has many benefits see below to hear about some of them.

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If you would like to apply to become a member please click the Apply for Membership button and enter your details into the form. Once your request is received, the membership application forms will bere forwarded to you. The membership application form has to be completed, and the Code of Ethics agreed to and signed. The Rules reflect our incorporation status.

The membership subcommittee then considers yourapplication, reports on the findings and advises the Board of their decision. The Board considers their report before making a final decision. Member applicants are advised of the Board's decision in writing.

If your membership has been approved and you have received an invoice for membership you can pay using our online payment form.

Currenty we have over 20 members including PTEs, polytechs and schools. Those members who have agreed to have their details displayed on the website are listed below.  Please feel free to contact us, we really appreciate hearing from you.

Here are 4 great reasons to join


The industries Peak Body working for you. Become part of an established association that stands for quality training within the pre-hospital emergency care sector.


Keep up to date with industry events and news.


Attend our annual conference and become eligible for discounted conference fees.


The opportunity to network with like-minded people


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What our Members Say

Ron Liddicote

Shalom Training

As a sole trader First Aid provider based in the isolated rural Far North AECTP is invaluable. 

Through this professional association I am able to keep up with changes and trends in national and international First Aid standards. Our Conferences provide a platform for new and innovative tools I can use in everyday course delivery and widen my overall skill and knowledge. 

It also means I get great updates and can ask the tricky questions in a supportive environment. Many of our presenters over the years have been world leaders in their specialist areas and inspiring educators.

AECTP IS Aotearoa’s top professional body in the First Aid domain and I know any prospective members won’t be disappointed.    

Julian Price

St john new zealand

As the largest provider of First Aid Training in New Zealand , St John will look at any and all means of ensuring that First Aid is delivered with a quality focus and with an ethical approach that provides the best outcomes for participants. 

AECTP provides a common interest group and an Association that has a focus on the quality of First aid Training in New Zealand. The need to sign up to  code of ethics to join AECTP and the approach other members who deliver Training have, fits well with our values. AECTP as the recognised Peak Body for the industry helps provide a single and common voice on areas of interest that relate to First Aid.

Janet Jamieson

Tai poutini Polytechnic

I believed that being a member of AECTP was the best way to ensure that we would have the most up to date information available and a voice in the industry. That it would also help us in developing and delivering a high quality course. Fortunately, my Head of Department at that time agreed and fully supported our involvement.  Giving the support and encouragement to develop and grow our department as well as offering professional development for myself and other staff.