The Team

The Board consists of two members from St John two from New Zealand Red Cross and four Independents. We are kept in order by our Executive Officer who you will meet below. 

The 2023/24 Team

Meet the 2024 Team

Executive Officer


I'm Bianca Baille

I am the Executive Officer with the purpose of supporting the AECTP Board and its members. I work approximately 10 hours per week to assist in implementing AECTPs mission to promote and support quality and represent the pre-hospital emergency care training sector.

I specialise in supporting a variety of Boards ranging from Lincoln University in Christchurch to Knoware Limited in Wellington, through a consulting model. I have a passion in building relationships with Trustees and Board members with the goal to consistently provide a service that is second to none. 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my various farm animals out in Tai Tapu and reading books in the NZ sun. I have a 16-year-old chihuahua who immigrated with me from South Africa 5 years ago, who keeps me company whilst I work from home.


I'm Sarah Exton 

Kia Ora

I am the South Island Training Delivery Manager for Hato Hone St John, supporting the delivery of First Aid courses across the South Island. I have a current Authority to practice as an Emergency Medical Technician which I maintain with through frontline Ambulance and event attendance in my spare time. During the last 15 years, I have worked and volunteered for various positions within the organisation as a Youth Member, Cadet Leader, Divisional Youth Manager, Area Committee member, Ambulance Officer, First Aid Tutor, and Tutor Team Leader. 

I have a passion for supporting and implementing First Aid and Mental Health training throughout NZ, giving as many people as possible the opportunity to learn skills to help save a life. I look forward to working alongside like-minded people through the AECTP team to advocate for this small but crucial part of the Education sector in New Zealand. 

St John


I'm Lesley Kidd

I am the Director of Links Training, an independent PTE. Links joined AECTP in 2011 to engage with others, to share and to learn from other providers to ensure that quality training was offered to all people. I become a Board member in 2018 which has only strengthened my belief that First Aid as a Life Skill is as important a skill as any we can learn and that the industry needs a voice.

Being able to work with like-minded people and to  advocate for an industry that is small, but crosses into all other industries, and walks of life, is a pleasure and a passion. 

I have been involved in the First Aid training sector for 20 years and the Director Links for 12 years.

I am the current Treasurer for AECTP.


St John


I'm Simon Barnett

I am the National Head of Training for Hato Hone St John, responsible for external first aid mental health training across New Zealand. 

I worked as an intensive care paramedic in Counties Manukau prior to moving into various senior management roles, including frontline operational management, service improvement, and heading the transformation of our Event Health Services business unit. 

I have a passion for strategy, people, and turning a vision into reality, my focus at St John is to ensure that through training we can ensure we make a life-saving difference by teaching important life skills to the public, and I look forward to working with the broader AECTP membership for the greater good of NZ.


I'm Chris Shimmin

I wore the Red Cross emblem twenty years ago when deployed overseas as a medic for the New Zealand Army. Part in parcel with my role in the military was training others and this continued when I left the service, working as a medic on industrial sites and offshore.

For the past few years, I have been part of the First Aid Team with New Zealand Red Cross. I worked as a Training Team Lead, teaching first aid and emergency care. This training role allowed me to pass on first aid skills and knowledge to others, I see this as an indirect form of helping injured or unwell people. The training and coaching of new First Aid Instructors was another part of the Training Team Lead role I really enjoyed. 

I have recently been appointed the Quality Assurance Manager for First Aid at New Zealand Red Cross. In this role I focus on continuous improvement of our first aid training. I have a keen interest in course development. 

I am pleased to be part of AECTP and to be involved with the upkeep of standards and credibility within the New Zealand first aid sector.

New Zealand Red Cross



I'm Hilke Giles

I am a Director of Practical Training Solutions and have been involved in the first aid industry for approximately 20 years and have also worked with PTE in other industries. My primary focus is the regulatory and compliance context of first aid training and I value good processes, transparency, and fairness. 

I have a diverse background that includes university qualifications in science (PhD), law, and management. In addition to working in the first aid industry I have an environmental consultancy that provides scientific expert advice to those involved in resource management processes. I am also an independent commissioner under the Resource Management Act.

I am excited to be part of the AECTP and to have the opportunity to advance the interests of AECTP members.


I'm Steve Ronoh

New Zealand Red Cross is one of AECTP's founding provider organisations. It has remained a strong proponent of AECTP's key mission since inception: to work collaboratively and cohesively to produce an authoritative voice in promoting quality practice in the industry.

I am the National Educational Performance Manager at New Zealand Red Cross Education portfolio, which includes First Aid and Psychosocial training. Responsible for academic and learning requirements, course delivery, and in ensuring best practice and standards are met through collaboration with multiple stakeholders. This perfectly aligns with AECPT’s commitment to quality practice; ensuring members adhere to a code of ethics around delivery and in strengthening our position within the education sector. 

I have 25+ years teaching, leadership and research experience that spans across three countries: Kenya, UK, and New Zealand since emigrating in 2010. I have worked with diverse communities across various educational/teaching settings. I have developed and taught programmes in health and wellbeing, and disaster and emergency management in a number of tertiary institutions, and more recently at the University of Auckland where I did my PhD in Disaster Risk Reduction following the 2011 Canterbury earthquake that devasted the region. 

My research has been published in a number of well-ranked international journals. They include the International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters (IJEMD), Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences, International Journal of Disaster Risk Science (IJDRS), and Disaster Prevention and Management (DPM). Subsequently, I was awarded the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work Co-Publishing Award at the University of Auckland in 2017, prior to joining New Zealand Red Cross.

I am passionate about training that equips people with skills to enhance their capacities in saving lives and creating more resilient communities. I support efforts to connect research to real-world contexts and use the results for continued development of effective teaching and learning approaches that are inclusive, and ultimately empower and reengage adult learners with their capacities, passions and potentials.

New Zealand Red Cross



I'm Graham Dennis

Since its inception, I have proudly served on the Board and was part of the committed group that developed the foundations for our organisation and initially steering us toward where we are today. In the initial years, I held the role of one of the two PECANZ representatives. Since integrating that organisation into AECTP, I have stood as an Independent member of the Board. My role has remained varied during the past 11 years, including the dizzy heights of Deputy Chair. I have been one of the representatives on the Peak Body Forum since afforded that recognition.

I am committed to strengthening our position within the education sector and ensuring we are recognised as a leading player in any decision making processes that affect our industry.

I currently hold the role of Managing Director at Actions For Survival, one of AECTP's founding provider organisations.

Board Member Selection

Our Board is the governing body of the AECTP. It consists of eight member representatives, comprising four appointed member representatives and four elected member representatives.

The four elected member representatives are elected from four AECTP Full Member organisations by the Full Membership