Talk to ANGELA

We're reaching out to provide an important update on discussions with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Toitū te Waiora (TTW) regarding revalidation/refresher training. 

As some of you might be aware, there's an ongoing conversation with NZQA about the potential creation of a unit standard specifically for first aid revalidations. NZQA is reconsidering whether this is the right way forward or not, as there are also concurrent discussions on the introduction of a first aid skill standard. The key message is that discussions are in progress, no specific options are yet available to present to you, and no final decisions have been made. Our goal is to ensure that we are proactively involved in shaping the future of first aid training in a way that best serves our learners, clients, community and supports industry standards.

Given the significance of these discussions, we are keen to gather feedback from you, our members, on what you believe should be considered by all parties during the discussions that are taking place over the coming weeks. We are keen to hear your views on the content of revalidation/refresher training, assessment, whether you consider introducing a unit standard or skill standard helpful, or anything else you consider relevant for these discussions. Please send through your thoughts and suggestions using the form below or by emailing This will ensure we can collate your input and represent our collective voice in ongoing conversations with NZQA and TTW. We will separately come out to the membership to consult on any draft documents or proposed changes to qualifications.

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