Our History

The Association of Emergency Care Training Providers (AECTP) was founded to promote and support quality in pre-hospital emergency care training.



Early days

PECANZ members meet in Christchurch in 2009 and draw up the concept for a new industry representative organisation. Discussions are held with Red Cross and St John and agreements are reached to form a steering group comprising of personnel from each organisation.                                                                                                


Moving Forwards

A foundation document is written and disseminated. Discussions continue and an initial name is proposed the "Institute of Emergency Care Training Providers". A proposed structure is agreed. The group are already working and meeting directly with NZQA on the "First Aid as a Life Skill" requirements document.                                                                                                  


Getting Closer

A series of meetings between First Aid Training Providers were held to develop a high level of commitment between providers to promote quality First Aid training in New Zealand. Launch date of July 2010 proposed. First Aid as a Life Skill Document is launched on 1 December 2010.



The evolution of the Association of Emergency Care Training Providers (AECTP), takes place with the inaugural meeting of the AECTP held. The new Board approves the draft AECTP rules, the Code of Ethics and Values and AECTP Membership Application documents. The current AECTP Rules and the Code of Ethics and Values documents specify a continued commitment to good practice and quality first aid training, as well as respect to each other and agreement to promote positive advocacy for the first aid training industry. 

Nine Training organisations join AECTP as founding members. 


Conference 2011

AECTP holds its first conference in Wellington.



"National First Aid Conference"

Our first Newsletter "First Aid Training Matters" is published in May

NZQA agree to remove the existing expiry date of December 2013 for the 6400 series first aid unit standards.

AECTP recognised as a Peak Body for the industry. AECTP takes its place at the Peak Body forum.


Growth and Development

AECTP is now representing between 65 - 75 % of the providers in the First Aid industry. The first meeting of the NZQA Project Advisory Group (PAG) is held in Wellington to review the not fit for purpose unit standards introduced in 2010.


"National First Aid Conference, Compliance and Education”


Making our Mark

Our new website is launched http://www.acetp.org.nz 

NZQA CEO Dr Karen Poutasi  announces that AECTP is to be recognised as a “Peak Body” representing the industry. 


"National First Aid Conference, A glimpse into the future" 

Richard Thornton, DCE Qualifications Division attends conference to announce that the 6400 series is to remain and the 2600 series become non-existent from 2015.


Striving Forward

PAG concludes its work and the reinstatement of the 6400 series and retirement of 26551 and 26552 implementation is announced by NZQA. 

A new 40 credit Medical First Responder Qualification approved by NZQA.

NZQA formally hand over the reins of the First Aid unit standards to The Skills Organisation.

The Board represents AECTP interests into NZQA and The Skills Organisation via PAG and TRoQ.


"National First Aid Conference, Embracing Progress - a Brave New World".


Getting incorporated

AGM approves changes to the constitution necessary to progress the incorporation of AECTP

AECTP becomes an Incorporated Society. 


"National First Aid Conference, Achieving Success"


A bit of health and safety

Health and Safety manual is developed to ensure safety of delegates at conference and Board member meetings. 

Conference                                                                                                 "Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Conference, Partners in Excellence"


Getting up to date

Work commences with Skills Org and NZRC to develop a new first aid unit standard. 

Conference                                                                                                 "Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Conference, Doing Great Things Together"



AECTP worked with Worksafe NZ on their First Aid at Work Guide. This is released in February 2020. It has a link to the AECTP website.

Conference                                                                                     "National First Aid Conference, Community critical care – in the moment and beyond" It is the first conference to take place outside Wellington.


COVID and all that

The Board work on an alternative temporary training programme for use during the COVID-19 lockdown period. It is an ongoing process. The AECTP conference is cancelled due to the pandemic.

The industry is effectively shut down several times during the course of the year due to the pandemic. 

A turbulent year for AECTP and the industry.


Ten years on

The pandemic causes further disruption to the industry.

NZQA participate in the first members webinar.


"2021 Moving beyond - Post pandemic" 

Introduction of instructor training sessions meeting the requirements to maintain currency for our members.  


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