Cyber security attacks are on the rise and should be a major concern for all organisations and individuals. 

Why We Believe This Matters

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), together with NZQA and MoE, is working on improving cyber security maturity across the education sector in New Zealand.

AECTP supports this initiative and is part of the PTE Advisory Group, which has been set up as part of a project to provide advice and guidance to the Cyber Security for the Tertiary Sector (CSTS) initiative.

You can check out TEC's website and read the latest information on the progress they are making.

As the project develops, we will inform you of progress and offer you to have your say. Many smaller providers have limited time and resources, while Cyber Security is outside the top of the priority list. That is, until something goes horribly wrong. The media regularly reports on breaches of Cyber Security with potentially catastrophic implications for organisations. By working collectively to improve knowledge and resource availability, the sector can improve the odds against suffering from potential threats.


FREE Cyber Security Assessments

Here is the latest news and updates from the project.

Kia ora koutou 

This newsletter brings you up to date with the Cyber Security for the Tertiary Sector (CSTS) project. 

Cyber security assessments 

TEC has entered into an agreement with KPMG to conduct cyber security assessments for the tertiary sector to establish vulnerabilities, check security levels and provide reports to those organisations assessed. There are two types cyber security assessments on offer to the sector: 

  1. Cyber security maturity assessment based on the NIST framework for large TEOs (this will include maturity scoring per category, spider diagram and report with recommendations) 
  2. Cyber security quick scans based on CERT NZ controls for smaller TEOs (including an explanation about the controls, scoring per control, RAG status, prioritisation and recommendations) 

KPMG will provide both assessments. These are free to sector, supported by TEC. While the contract will be with TEC, the assessment itself is between KPMG and TEO with no information being shared back from KPMG to TEC. 

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please contact Roy Hoogmoed ( and KPMG will connect with you. We strongly encourage you to take up this offer.

Cyber security workshops 

And just a quick reminder to check out and register for our workshops. All the details are on our website at: How to improve your cyber security

Recent cyber security news 

It’s getting very close to home. New Zealand’s third-largest university has been able to continue operating despite a cyber attack that forced the isolation of affected servers, but it’s clearly a sign of things to come. Read more in this article from just last month: New Zealand university operating despite cyber attack

We’ll be back again next month with more on the CSTS project. Please check our website for more details on the project and the support we can offer: TEC CSTS project

If you have any questions or comments, please email us

Ngā mihi 

The CSTS project team

TEC is offering free cyber security assessments so providers can get a clear sense of their level of security and how to become safer. Typically, such an assessment would cost around $5,000. Click on the image below to see further details.

The TEC September newsletter updates you on Cyber Security for the Tertiary Sector (CSTS) project. TEC is announcing the first cyber security workshops, starting at the end of October and running through November. Click on the image below to see further details.

Below is the latest copy of the PTE cyber advisory group minutes. Click on the image below to learn more.


Click on the image or the button below to see an overview of the project and what it is setting out to achieve. 

Awareness Campaign

Click on the image or the button below to see an overview of the project and what it is setting out to achieve. 

Terms of Reference

Click on the image or the button below to see the PTE Advisory Group's terms of reference.


TEC has drawn on guidance and advice from expert cyber security organisations, notably CERT NZ, to develop cyber security controls, which will be published on the TEC website. They provide measures organisations can take to improve their cyber security, grouped under three headings: People, Process and Technology. You can click on the image or the button below to view the draft cyber security controls.  Once read, you can contribute to the process and give the group your feedback.

Click here to add your feedback.


Get in Touch!

This is the place to ask questions, share experiences, and provide your opinion on the proposed project. We are keen to hear from as many of you as possible. Cyber Security is a shared responsibility. It is the chance to have your say.

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