AECTP Conference November 21 2023

Today we are announcing our 2023 conference taking place in Auckland on Tuesday November 21 2023. Further details of our eleventh conference will be posted here over the coming weeks. Check this space for future updates.....

"2023 First Aid as a Life Skill"

“Bryce Casey appears by arrangement with Johnson & Laird Management.”

Bryce Casey

special guest speaker

As the 2020 Sir Paul Holmes Broadcaster of the Year, Bryce Casey is at the epicentre of TV and radio in New Zealand. Known for hosting the breakfast radio show on The Rock, he has also made appearances as a guest host on 7 Days and The Project, committing 22 years to radio and television. Integral to his identity, Bryce is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, bringing joy and light into dark conversations.


After burying a fourth friend, Bryce Casey made the decision to be vulnerable. He brought his grief and honesty to his radio show, leading to a swell of movement from listeners. Bryce saw how connected New Zealanders felt to his candour and grew this trust with his audience to set out to make a difference. Bryce integrated gumboot Friday into his show, bowled for 58 hours straight, one minute for every kiwi that tried or succeeded to take their life in 2018, and raised$366, 602. He raised over$136, 000 in a 24 hour darts game and the list goes on.

Over the last three years Bryce has raised 1. 3 million for Mike King’s I AM HOPE Foundation for free mental health counselling, earning him a nomination for New Zealander of the year in 2020. In his spare time, Bryce spends time with friends, family and his wife Sharyn, while being a super dad to his son Tyson.


Bryce Casey is New Zealand ’s hilarious best mate, who also tackles the hard conversations that come with that friendship. He affirms it is okay to not be okay. Using his platform, Bryce discusses how suicide has affected him, why that has changed his show and his peers, the result of his fundraising, where that money goes and the jokes and laughter that came on the journey.

Continuing in this vulnerability, Bryce takes his honesty into all parts of his life, opening up about his and his wife’s struggle to have babies. He wants to relate to people, let them know they are not alone, and encourage that dialogue in coming together. There is always hope. 

Whether it is around mental health, child loss or his vast experience in radio and television, Bryce covers it all with his genuine nature, crowd roaring jokes, and ability to lay it all out.

The Venue

Ray Emery Drive

Auckland International


New Zealand

Tel 09 257 7200


The conference will be held in the Paataka Room.  Lunch will be taken in the Thirteen 50 Bistro and Bar, with morning and afternoon tea served in the Remu Foyer.

First Aid as a Life Skill

Details to follow.

Click the link below to meet our speakers.

CPR Revalidation

We are delighted to announce once more, the evening before conference our tutor CPR Revalidation update. This event will kindly be undertaken by St John and all costs donated to AECTP.

This is a notice of the Annual Meeting of AECTP NZ  Tuesday 21st November, 2023, Time 8.30 a.m. Paataka Room,  Novotel Auckland Airport.

All members are invited to attend.

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Conference Itinerary

Here is where the itinerary will be posted over the coming weeks keep checking here to see who else we are adding to our conference line-up and the times.

Conference Benefits

Just some of the benefits of coming to conference in 2023

Keep up to date with industry happenings

In the rapidly changing education section sector AECPT is a conduit to the latest information.

Discounted conference fees

Members receive discounted conference fees and access to completing required CPR updates

Networking with like minded people

Meet with colleagues and like-minded individuals, share ideas and stories over coffee or a fab lunch.

A Peak Body working for you

We are committed to increasing our membership and providing support and advice to our members through the conference medium.

Our Speakers (further updates follow soon)

Katheren Leitner


Executive Director, Asthma NZ

Katheren has an extensive background in change, governance, strategic design and leadership.  She has lead the team at Asthma NZ through a 5-year strategic design and digital transformation to ensure the organisation is sustainable and responsive in the areas of asthma education, training and support.  Asthma NZ is committed to reducing asthma hospitalisation by 50% by 2029, technology will play a key role in this. 

Grace Fusha


Asthma Nurse Educator

Grace joined the Asthma NZ Nursing team after witnessing the impact asthma education had on young lives in South Auckland.  Prior to joining Asthma NZ Grace was working as a nurse in the Mana Kidz Schools programme, a successful school support programme run by the National Hauora Coalition.  Passionate about community health and wellbeing, Grace completed a postgrad in Public Health and is part of a 5-year Digi-Predict Asthma study, lead by Dr Amy Chan, AMRF Senior Research Fellow. 

Lucy Shieffelbien

National Poisons Centre

Service Delivery Manager

Lucy joined the New Zealand National Poisons Centre in 2001.  She has nearly 30 years’ experience of service delivery in the health care sector and is responsible for ensuring the Centre delivers a high quality, safe and efficient 24 x 7 Poisons Information Service that is freely accessible to all.  Lucy is very passionate about poison prevention and education but also realises the value of knowing what to do in the unfortunate event that an exposure does occur.  Lucy is an elected board member of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology, and she is primarily responsible for commercialisation of the Centre’s “TOXINZ Poisons Information Database”.

Liz Dutton

Diabetes NZ

Head of Clinical Services

Liz Dutton has worked in the field of diabetes for more than 20 years working in Primary Health Care and community. She previously worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes in a Primary Health Organisation in Wellington, and then went on to lead the team of clinicians there that specialise in diabetes. During that time, she contributed to the development of a Diabetes Self-management Education Programme (DSME) in collaboration with the then Capital and Coast DHB and Otago University. She facilitated this programme for people with type 2 diabetes over many years in Wellington. 

For the last 5 years she has worked for Diabetes New Zealand and is Head of Clinical Services. She manages a team of Diabetes Community Coordinators (DCCs) and leads the roll out of the DSME around the country through the DCC roles. In her role she is also Diabetes NZ’s clinical advisor. She trains clinicians and the DCCs in the facilitation of the DSME. Liz has given presentations to various groups on diabetes and its management including Personal trainer students, Red Cross, and disability groups who have a specific interest in managing some of the acute situations people with diabetes can find themselves.

Mark Dixon



Ethan Woods

Hato Hone St John


Hato Hone St John presentation will be co-presented by Ethan Woods (Ambulance Communications Manager) AND Blair Andrews (Clinical Improvement and Development Manager), who will discuss Ambulance Comms and an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. 

Blair Andrews

Hato Hone St John

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