From the Chair

A message from the Chair of the Board 

Christmas Greetings

I am delighted to be able to write this message as Chairman of the Association of Emergency Care Training Providers and describe the key accomplishments achieved by the board in a very challenging 2021 year.

  • The Workforce Development Council (WDC) has officially recognised AECTP as the Peak Body for the First Aid sector this is a huge step forward and enables the board to take an active part in ensuring that our members voices are heard.
  • The WDC has accepted online assessment for unit standard 6402 Provide Basic Life Support ā€“ this enables learners to obtain the unit standard if found competent. The New Zealand Resuscitation Council has been notified of this new development. I must take this time to thank our board members and in particular Graham Dennis who has invested a large amount of time developing this new online assessment package.
  • Our AGM was successfully held via Zoom and as a result we have two new board members ā€“ Kate Nickson owner and sole operator of First Aid Consultants Ltd, Lisa Mellish-Mytton from NZ Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) and Angela Scott Executive Assistant who has been involved in the first aid industry for over 9 years. Click on the link to find their bios - . I am delighted to welcome them onto the board.
  • Due to COVID our annual conference was deferred to 29 March 2022, and we look forward to being able to catch up with everyone in person at the conference. We are also offering an annual CPR revalidation for tutors on the Monday evening 28 March, however as numbers are limited you are required to book ahead for this just following the following link - to register.
  • Iā€™m sure most of you will have already accessed our updated website, this is were you will find the most up to date information regarding first aid. It has also been designed so that members are able to have a voice through the website following the link

After such a challenging year I hope your holiday season is full of family, friends joy and happiness. I look forward to catching up in 2022 Keep safe everyone.

Shirley Kerr



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