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AECTP are next meeting with Toitū te Waiora, on the 18th March 2022

The Board has received a request from Toitū te Waiora for discussions about the upcoming unit standard review. They have been collecting data, opinions and ideas about changes to the unit standards. As the new Standard Setting Body for First Aid Standards, Toitū te Waiora will be conducting a review of Unit Standards 6400, 6401, 6402 and 25459 in March 2022...

February 18 2022

Temporary Assessment Tool 2022 Latest

The Board has recently received notice from Toitū te Waiora that 6400, 6401 and 6402 have been approved for use as a temporary assessment tool. This means that assessments can be undertaken online under the red and orange traffic light settings. There are requirements that need to be fulfilled before assessment can be undertaken. Check it out at the these links 6402, 6401/6400.

February 18 2022

Temporary Assessment Tool 2022

The board have been working for the past twenty-one months to get a temporary assessment tool approved for use during lockdowns. Since the change to a new SSB, we are delighted to report that significant progress has been made. The meeting was informed that the WDC had informed the NZRC that they are going to allow online assessment of 6402 whilst First Aid Providers were in Red or Orange of the Covid Traffic Light Plan. A letter to NZQA was also planned to be sent following the meeting. There is still work to do, but the principles of the assessment are outlined below.

  • Online assessment of CPR will be recorded and saved for moderation purposes
  • Online assessment will be a 1.1 basis
  • Manikins must meet agreed requirements
  • Endorsement is for 6402 online for such time until the Green Traffic light is introduced
  • Online 6402 only in regions in Red or Orange Traffic Light, Green to be face to face

December 17 2022

Toitū te Waiora has confirmed that it will be conducting a review of Unit Standards 6400, 6401, 6402 and 25459 in March 2022. Click the title above to see more. AECTP will be at the forefront of the review and will work with TTW to strengthen first aid delivery in New Zealand.

Part of the review will look at the possibility of having permanent online assessments being approved. In addition, we aim to collect as much evidence as possible supporting its introduction and creating more diversity in delivery.

The review will also explore the possibility of creating skills standards, micro-credentials and/or a national curriculum for first aid training.

We are excited by the positive introduction and engagement with TTW and looking forward to real change in 2022. Members will be kept fully up to date, and opportunities will exist for engagement. If you have any initial thoughts, contributions, or questions, we would love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts below.

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First Aid Provider Contact  Details

The primary contact person for providers has been named as Allied Health and Emergency Lead Jillena Paekau. Her contact details can be found below.

M: 022 012 8907                                                              E:                          PO Box 445, Wellington, New Zealand

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