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A message from the Chair of the Board 

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Hello AECTP Members, 

This year’s program is looking very interesting with webinars and educational opportunities for members and their staff. I thank the board members involved in organising these events. Feedback is very important, enabling the board to continue to develop and foster this momentum. We are looking forward to a great Conference this year, if COVID allows, ‘Watch this space.   

The board has been working with and will continue to work with NZQA, SKILLS and NZRC, plus attending the National Peak body meetings. Although these relationships and meetings have changed drastically due to COVID and the ensuing lockdowns. Many of the meetings now occur via ZOOM or other media but are still very productive. 

AECTP has worked and will continue to work, with these national organisations to promote the interest of our membership. AECTP appreciates our NZQA Peak Body status which allows for consultation and negotiation around the matters which affect us and the industry.  

We are sadly saying goodbye to a board member in the near future. Most of you will know Yvonne Gray and may be aware of the hard work and dedication that she has put into AECTP on your behalf. On behalf of the board, I would like to say we will miss her valued knowledge and support and thank her for all the hard work and the personal time she has consistently made in the interest of the Association.


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