Welcome to the all new          AECTP Newsletter

Hello and goodbye. As Yvonne leaves the board after 11 years of amazing work it is only fitting that she provides the introduction to our new newsletter format.

A message from the former editor of our old newsletter First Aid Training Matters

Hello all

As we welcome our readership to our new e-format AECTP Newsletters, I am happy to start with saying a big thank you to our members and the Board who have made AECTP the successful organisation that it is.  It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to have been AECTP’s Honorary Secretary since its inception over 10 years ago.  

We have gone from strength to strength and AECTP has facilitated and achieve many beneficial outcomes, including to represent our sector at both the Peak Body and SSB meetings.  Your hard working Board was disappointed we could not run our 2020 Annual Conference due to COVID-19, however we are pleased to say we are already planning our next National First Aid Conference on Tuesday 23rd Nov 2021, in Wellington.  Our plan is to have our usual great line-up of speakers, and Dr Ashley Bloomfield will open our Conference. 

On 11 March I retire from NZ Red Cross. The Board has welcomed Nick Beer as my NZ Red Cross replacement. Check the next newsletter for his introduction and profile.

I acknowledge the value and rewards of the past 10+ years of AECTP, from our inaugural meeting in Wellington, through to today; AECTP can be proud of its achievements working and representing our unique sector.

The Board has always been there for the members, and it’s been great meeting you all along the way, both by email and at Conferences. I wish the incoming Board all the best, including welcoming Kate Nickson back to the Board - Kate is an inaugural AECTP member and was an active Board member prior to having her family.  

 Go well and best wishes to you all.

 Kind regards, Yvonne

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