From the Chair

A message from the Chair of the Board 


Hello AECTP Members, 

This last year has been very busy, with Board members focussing on working to understand the changes and challenges that our members may have with the new W.D.C. and yet again with ever changing COVID-19 levels across the Country.

We have welcomed Nick Beer and Steven Ronah to the Board both representing Red Cross, their knowledge and fresh ideas have been extremely welcome. Sadly, we say goodbye to Rachel Pirie who resigned from her position as Executive Officer in late August to follow another Career path. I would like to welcome Angela Scott as our new Executive Officer, as you will see by Angela’s bio on the website, she has a lot of experience in the First aid sector.

Many Thanks to the Editorial Team for all the hard work and effort for setting up and taking control of our new Newsletters which will offer any news more frequently than our previous format, and the work he has put into with the new Website. 


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