Is finding quality first aid facilitators a problem?

The board has considered a draft proposal to establish an education program that allows learners to participate in a first aid facilitator program leading to employment opportunities within the first aid industry. 

"We would like your input into the initial idea for further discussion at the February Board Meeting"


A working group was tasked to consider a draft proposal to establish an education program that that would develop a quality first aid facilitator program leading to employment opportunities within the first aid industry.

The idea for this proposal followed a conversation that took place at an AECTP Board meeting early in 2021. Discussions about the lack of availability of quality first aid facilitators in the industry and how the sector could maintain standards led to the concept developing.

During the past 18 months, AECTP has discussed at length the need to find new revenue streams to strengthen the organisation’s financial stability allowing it to develop and grow.

The proposal is designed to address both issues and, in doing so, create an opportunity to improve engagement with members and further the benefits of being a Peak Body member.

This article is designed to promote further discussion around the initial ideas and to seek support in principle for taking the project further.

Below is an outline for taking this forward if that support is found.



Consultation with Members

December 21 2021

Members Consultation Feedback

January 28 2022

Board Discussions Re Plan And Feedback 

If Agreed Board To Appoint Five Member Working Group 

February 11 2022

Working group to finalise proposal sent to the board. 

SSB To Be Advised Of Proposal During Unit Standard Review

March 18 2022

Board Approval sought

April 2022

SSB to be notified

April 2022

Complete course content and testing

May 13 2022

Proposed first course x 10 people

june 2022

  • Much of the proposed work will be conducted online via Zoom and email, with key decisions taken and signed off at board meetings.
  • This proposal outlines the formation of the AECTP Training Academy.
  • The vision is to develop a portable training academy that delivers a training course for first aid facilitators in areas where sufficient numbers of facilitators are required. It may be North or South Island focused or apply to a specific region when the demand exists. 
  • The idea is to develop an AECTP First Aid Facilitator Training Package that is robust and represents AECTP goals, beliefs, and standards. 

 Adding Details

Quick Look

The key features in this proposal for discussion are listed below.


The proposed program is developed to a standard that fulfils the needs of member organisations and offers a talent pool of qualified facilitators.

Course Numbers

The number of courses delivered annually will be based upon (member) demand for instructors. Each class is designed for a maximum capacity of 10 trainee facilitators.


Recruits can be member sourced from a proposed partnership developed with Work and Income and through advertising.


Whilst member organisations drive the need for courses. Trainees have the opportunity to meet prospective employers, and members can meet a selection of potential new employees.


Based upon a low-cost formula, each course can generate much-needed income for the AECTP coffers. In addition, members will also be given the opportunity to earn through involvement in course delivery.


Upon successful completion, trainees will receive unit standards and an AECTP Instructors certificate (associated with quality) and create the first nationally recognised first aid instructors certificate.

Brand Awareness

The concept is designed to raise AECTP’s profile and attract new members creating a previously untapped revenue stream.


The proposal includes a new instructor membership category (additional revenue stream) providing specific tutor updates and increasing conference numbers.


Members benefit by receiving a fully qualified facilitator ready for induction into individual organisations. Training would provide consistency in the industry as numbers grow and raise training consistency across the country. 

Have your say TELL US WHAT YOU THINK today!

Click below to let us know what you think and any ideas that could strengthen this idea. We want to hear your thoughts which we will discuss at the February Board Meeting.

A Few More Ideas To Consider

Trainee placements. As part of the proposal, we are considering including trainee placements with member providers, which allows both potential employees and employers to get to know each other.

Online learning. The proposal includes an opportunity to have both face to face and online learning components as part of the program.

Industry led training. The opportunity exists for the industry to determine the standards required to deliver quality first aid training in New Zealand and bring together all the best bits our members have to offer.

Things to do 

  • Establish content requirements.
  • Establish curriculum.
  • Write and test materials. 
  • Consider potential industry sponsors for the courses. 
  • Establish relationship with Work and Income. 
  • Explore any other funding or part funding options. 
  • Establish venue options and costs. 
  • Establish tutor options and proposed payment options. 
  • Establish trainee recruitment plan. 
  • Run a test course. 
  • Review course.  


This proposal provides an opportunity for AECTP to establish itself in a significant marketplace gap.

If accepted, it would provide stability in the first aid industry improved revenue for the Peak Body, allowing it to develop into a stronger, more effective voice. It would also offer further member benefits and help attract and retain new and current members.

A strong trusted national program would also help develop strong links with the new WDC. The proposal would also help improve the quality of instructors across the sector and engage members who would also participate in that goal.

Developing a National Standard appears to fit the new WDC model, and if the timing is right, it can be rolled out alongside the new unit standard development, which will commence in 2022.

Have your say TELL US WHAT YOU THINK today!

Click below to let us know what you think and any ideas that could strengthen this idea. We want to hear your thoughts which we will discuss at the February Board Meeting.